Meet your Spanish teacher in 60 seconds!

Welcome to another school year! Please check out the following 1-minute video to learn a few things about me.  I’m looking forward to meeting you on August 18th!

-Sr. LaBoone


Review of Spanish 1A

Whether you found it easy or difficult to be successful in Spanish 1A, I recommend reviewing some this summer before you get back in August.  Here are some key areas:

Vocabulary Review:

Lección 1:

Survival Vocabulary #1:

Survival Vocabulary #2:

Basic People & Things:

Lección 2:

Classes & Classroom Objects:

Common -AR verbs:

Question Words:

Lección 3:

Essential Family Members:


 Lección 4:

Hobbies & Pastimes:

Verbs & Places:

Lección 5:

Travel & Vacation Vocabulary:

Weather Expressions:


Grammar and Verb Conjugation:

Subject Pronouns – read the tutorial, then complete 7a (basic quiz) and 7b (mini-test) on the left-hand side.

Basic/Regular Verbs – read the tutorials, then complete 8a (basic quiz) and 8b (mini-test) on the left-hand side. Then, advance to 9a and 9b and finally, to 10a and 10b.

Regular verb conjugation practice: see how many you can conjugate in 5 minutes.  Then, try again and see if you can beat your previous score!

Stem-changing verbs conjugation practice:  Try the same thing with stem-changing verbs!

Ser vs. Estar – read the tutorials, then complete 15a (basic quiz) and 15b (mini-test) on the left-hand side. Then, advance to 16a and 16b and finally, to 17a and 17b.

Adjectives – read the tutorial, then complete 11a (basic quiz) and 11b (mini-test) on the left-hand side.  Then advance to 12 (adjectives II) and complete 12a and 12b.

Useful Study Tips – How Do I Study Spanish?